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Mark Fletcher (Österreich)
Patrick and the Whale
73 min
Mark Fletcher (Österreich)
Nature and Environment

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2022

To capture an extraordinary relationship between a human and an animal that has developed over many years on film is a special challenge. Even more so, when the encounters take place entirely in the depths of the seas. Documenting the largest marine mammals communicating with a diver would seem all but impossible from a cinematic and dramaturgical perspective. Yet, with enormous effort, the team has succeeded in bringing these amazing, emotional moments to the screen for us.

For over 20 years now, diver Patrick Dykstra has been following and diving with whales. His sensitive approach and experience have enabled him to develop unique skills in communicating with the large marine mammals and study them close-up unlike anyone else. in 2019, he meets a personality whose curiosity rivals his own: Dolores, a female sperm whale, who seeks his company and appears to study him. Now Patrick returns to Dominica and hopes for a reunion.