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Pepe Molina Cruz (Spanien)
Melting Landscapes Glaciers
8 min
Pepe Molina Cruz (Spanien)
Nature and Environment
Melting Landscapes – Glaciers – the documentary showing the slow yet relentless melting of our earth’s glaciers and how that plays into climate change – was shot in Antarctica, Argentina, Chile, Greenland and Iceland. Studying our planet’s glaciers is key to understanding climate change. Glaciers store 75% of our fresh water, reflect excess heat back into space and keep our planet cool. A small air bubble trapped in the ice millions of years ago possesses valuable information about past climate and analysing it provides direct data on when the glaciers were created. Global warming is accelerating the effect of the Greenland mantle on the most vulnerable regions of Antarctica, altering their habitats, ocean currents and the climate worldwide. As we observe our earth’s glaciers receding in disturbing silence, we are witnessing an irreversible change, as each disappearing ice particle slowly takes us one step closer to an uncertain future.