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Details Wednesday, 10. Nov. 2021

Philipp Klein Herrero
1 min nonverbal
Sick of only hearing negative things in the news and being forced to stay home during lockdown (in Barcelona), I... mehr info >
Michael Strauß, Robert Maruna, Bastian Meier
17 min Deutsch
The sequel of the particularly successful first Viennese free-ride documentary “Melange” seamlessly picks up where... mehr info >
20 min Deutsch
The award ceremony of the „Fotowettbewerb – Mountainfilm und Kleine Zeitung“. In the previous weeks, the readers of... mehr info >
Jordan Manoukian
44 min Französisch mit englischen Untertiteln
The backstage of an extreme photographer, Out of Frame shows the daily life of Mathis Dumas, athlete, high mountain... mehr info >