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Wednesday, 10. Nov. 2021

Tom Dauer
25 min Deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln
90 years of a rich, sometimes hard, often adventurous but always fulfilled life. With this cinematic portray, the... mehr info >
Eliza Kubarska
94 min Englisch, Nepali, Russisch, Polnisch, Ghunsa-Dialekt mit deutschen Untertiteln
When a group of mountaineers want to climb the impressive Kumbhakarna in Nepal, the local Sherpa family is faced with... mehr info >
Tasha Van Zandt
105 min Englisch
An epic journey across both poles, After Antarctica follows legendary polar explorer Will Steger’s lifelong journey... mehr info >
Axel Gomille
45 min Deutsch
Germany has set itself the goal to let a large part of its nature back into „wild“ forests, natural areas where men... mehr info >
Gil Kebaïli, Evrard Wendenbaum, Pierre Stine
52 min Englisch
The environmental Evrard Wendenbaum leads teams of scientists to inaccessible remote areas, to the last so-called... mehr info >
Philipp Klein Herrero
1 min nonverbal
Sick of only hearing negative things in the news and being forced to stay home during lockdown (in Barcelona), I... mehr info >
Michael Strauß, Robert Maruna, Bastian Meier
17 min Deutsch
The sequel of the particularly successful first Viennese free-ride documentary “Melange” seamlessly picks up where... mehr info >
20 min Deutsch
The award ceremony of the „Fotowettbewerb – Mountainfilm und Kleine Zeitung“. In the previous weeks, the readers of... mehr info >
Jordan Manoukian
44 min Französisch mit englischen Untertiteln
The backstage of an extreme photographer, Out of Frame shows the daily life of Mathis Dumas, athlete, high mountain... mehr info >
Vincent Steiger
90 min Englisch
Driven out of his pack, a young wolf has to face his fate alone and try to survive in a world ruled by man. A... mehr info >
Hubert Neufeld
60 min Englisch mit englischen Untertiteln
In spring 2020, the Dutch musician Ruben Hein sets off to an expedition of three weeks to the wildest regions on our... mehr info >
Igor Ozherelyev
64 min Russisch mit englischen Untertiteln
This is a story about a successful climb onto the top of the highest peak of the Altay Mountains - Belukha Mountain... mehr info >