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Tuesday, 09. Nov. 2021

Andrea Eidenhammer
45 min Deutsch
To reach the top of a mountain and look around till the horizon is pure passion. Some people come to the Alps for... mehr info >
Reinhold Messner
80 min Deutsch
In 1970, Reinhold Messner together with his brother Günther were the first men to climb the Rupal face on the Nanga... mehr info >
Patrick & Dennis Weinert
36 min Deutsch
Dennis and Patrick are journalists and are known as young crisis reporters. A dangerous incident suddenly makes the... mehr info >
Sasha Snow
56 min Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Through two completely different characters we learn about ideas and emotions behind the international protest wave... mehr info >
Mikel Sarasola
31 min Englisch mit englischen Untertiteln
Change is part and parcel of development and Nepal is undergoing a major transformation. Using water resources to... mehr info >
Tuan Lam
87 min Deutsch mit englischen Untertitel
When the northern lights cover the ice landscape in summer that means the animals in Antarctica are in a paradisiacal... mehr info >
Michael R. Gärtner & Sebastian Koerner
43 min Deutsch
After the end of brown coal mining in the east-German region Lusatia, huge fallow lands became available, in which... mehr info >
Axel Gomille
44 min Deutsch
The Manu national park in Peru is a biological treasure trove. Jaguars, caimans, humming birds and macaws live there,... mehr info >
Benoit Regord
26 min Französisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Antoine Le Menestrel has been associated with the cliffs of Buoux in France, since his childhood. Early he began to... mehr info >
Harald Weiß
113 min Deutsch
Reinhard Karl was the first German to stand on the summit of Mount Everest, freed the climbing difficulty scale from... mehr info >
Sebastian Koerner, Herbert Ostwald
43 min Deutsch
Wolves in Germany? In autumn 2000, wolf pups were seen again in Saxony for the first time. 150 years after the... mehr info >
Francesco Catarinolo
82 min Englisch, Italienisch, Dänisch, Ostgrönländisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
THE RED HOUSE tells the life story of Robert Peroni from South Tyrol. During one of his numerous adventures, the... mehr info >