Silvo Karo (Slovenia)

Silvo’s climbs on Fitz Roy, Cerro Torre, Torre Egger, and Bhagirathi were the milestones of his career, which included Himalayan giants as well as 8a sport climbing. He’s been a member of the French Groupe de Haute Montagne since 1991 and became an honorary member of the British Alpine Club in 2010. In 1987 he took a camera to the south face of Cerro Torre and won the Silver Gentian for the best mountaineering film at Trento's film festival. He is the founder and director of the Festival gorniškega filma (Mountain Film Festival) in Domžale, Slovenia. He is also a photographer and writer. His essay „Patagonia: Terra Mystica” for the book “Voices from the Summit” was published by National Geographic. In 2018, his autobiographical book „Alpinist” came out and was already translated into Italian and English.

Thomas Hrovat (Austria)

Thomas Hrovat studied philosophy and psychology and was a real pioneer of sport-climbing in the 70ies and 80ies. He was the first who challenged some climbing routes in difficulty level 10 in Austria. In 1985 Hrovat wrote his first book, “Sportklettern/Climbing”, the first of this kind in the German language. His second one “Eroberung des Unsichtbaren.” was published in 2001. He is co-founder and executive coach at Azimut consulting.

Georg Krewenka (Austria)

Georg Krewenka likes to stage experiences. As an event manager and photographer, he has had the privilege of advising small and large national and international clients on the implementation and dramaturgy of events for over a decade. His great love of photography and film has always accompanied him. He has produced special reports and landscape shots on adventure trips to all continents, whether on trekking tours in Patagonia, ski tours in tents through the Scandinavian winters, or 4WD tours in Australian backpacks. Numerous awards and publications reflect his talent for awakening in the viewer the feeling of wanting to seek and find his own adventure in nature.