Xi Zhinong, Zi Ding, Da Jie, Qu Peng (China/Österreich)
Das Jahr des Schneeleoparden
52 min
Xi Zhinong, Zi Ding, Da Jie, Qu Peng (China/Österreich)
Nature and Environment

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2021

This is not a pure nature film. In the area of tension between wildlife protection and agricultural way of life in the Tibetan highlands, it shows how through creativity and the courage to adopt new perspectives, solutions can be found. Three young cameramen who carefully followed an extremely shy, almost ghost-like predator for years, have turned such a threat into a great opportunity for a small community. And at the same time, they have created an exceptionally sensitive portrait of the rare and so far, hardly filmed snow leopard.

The Tibetan high plateau is home to the extremely rare snow leopard. The story of these charismatic big cats takes place in a mountain world, which is higher than 4,000m. Four nature filmmakers over the course a whole year, accompany the female snow leopard, who gives birth to her offspring in a small rock niche, from the stormy mating with a handsome male, to raising her offspring, to the first forays of the young leopards in their mother’s territory.