Francesco Catarinolo (Deutschland)
The Red House
Englisch, Italienisch, Dänisch, Ostgrönländisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
82 min
Francesco Catarinolo (Deutschland)
People & Cultures

Grand Prix Graz 2021

The director makes multifaceted references to past activities of a great Italian North Pole adventurer. However, he also shows current social problem areas. A society regulated from outside struggles to survive culturally and materially. With its impressive images and subtle camera work, this film captivates the viewer. It almost seems as if the film team is not present, and the sensitive dramaturgy makes us invisible witnesses of what is currently happening.

THE RED HOUSE tells the life story of Robert Peroni from South Tyrol. During one of his numerous adventures, the extreme athlete falls in love with Greenland and its people, to such an extent, that he decided to move there and help the last hunters in Europe. He founds a guest house, which takes in strangers as well as locals in need. According to his ideal of sustainable tourism in South Tyrol, he wants to offer a future to the Greenland people.