Guillaume Broust (Frankreich)
Swissway to Heaven
Französisch, Deutsch, Englisch mit englischen Untertiteln
56 min
Guillaume Broust (Frankreich)
Sports in Mountains & Nature

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2021

This film is convincing on several levels. It illustrates the development from tourism to “traditional” Alpinism, and thus the inseparable connection of those two ways of accessing the mountain world. In the past times, as well as today climbing is changing constantly and therefore remains lively. This vitality is conditioned by the inherent joy, but also by the risk, which can never be totally excluded. This is particularly evident at the level of the extraordinary protagonist. The high performance of this extremely strong climber, combined with his open and humorous personality, make this film a cinematic delight for the audience. In a setting in which cinematography is made even more difficult by the environment, the particularly high picture quality is convincing. A complex historical alpine film with real high-quality standards.

Switzerland is a true paradise for multi-pitch climbing, as well as the country where Cedric Lachat was born and raised. Through his unique sense of humor and unbridled enthusiasm, we experience the beauty and awe of five iconic peaks and mountain ranges: the Eiger, Gastlosen, Wendenstöcke, Lauterbrunnen, and Rätikon. In addition to footage of hard climbing (8a and up), the first ascensionists talk about the changes in gear and climbing over time, from traditional mountaineering to modern sport climbing.