Mathias Peschta (Österreich)
Emilio Comici - Meister | Mensch | Mythos
47 min
Mathias Peschta (Österreich)
Alpinism & Expeditions
Emilio Comici was Italy’s best climber in the 1930s, he was the master of the sixth degree, the highest difficulty category that existed in climbing at that time. His first ascent of the north face of the Cima Grande made him world famous, as well as his light-footed “dancing style”, which can be seen in the film in some rare original shots. In 1940 his life comes to a tragic end, when he tried to rescue a companion and fell to his death. The climbing legend Peter Habeler and the Comici expert Ivo Rabanser follow the footsteps of the Italian climbing icon, they travel to places which have been marked by Comici and they repeat two of his most famous tours.