Patrick Centurioni (Österreich)
Wildes Innsbruck - Zwischen Moderne und alpiner Wildnis
Deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln
45 min
Patrick Centurioni (Österreich)
Nature and Environment

Alpine Camera Austria 2021

Up until now, never before seen pictures show the encounter between animals and the urban environment in the Innsbruck cityscape. The overlapping of human and wild animal habitats works apparently effortlessly well and surprises with the unexpected adaptability of ibex, chamois, weasel and other survivors in the animal world. In an artistic way, the director avoids a black and white way of thinking about the “right” kind of nature, and with his fresh and creative pictorial language he adds a new element to the nature film genre.

“Wildes Innsbruck“ describes the unavoidable encounter between men and animal on a blurred border between two worlds. On the one hand, we encounter animals such as chamois, ibex, ermines and snow grouses, which are confronted with the changes in their habitat, and have learnt to deal with them in different ways. On the other hand, only one grade away from the human paths, the Innsbruck mountains world surprises with its amazing untouched nature and with the thrilling behaviours of its wild animals, such as butterfly larva and different woodpeckers species.