Eliza Kubarska (Polen)
Die Wand der Schatten
Englisch, Nepali, Russisch, Polnisch, Ghunsa-Dialekt mit deutschen Untertiteln
94 min
Eliza Kubarska (Polen)
People & Cultures

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2021

Whereas some documentaries often give the impression, that nature follows almost obediently the script, here it is the other way round: the script is almost literally overrun by nature. In a charming way, reality catches up with the planned course of the story. Working with excellent amateur actors, the director has created an impressive masterpiece, which really deserves a genre of its own. Not only the landscape, but also the story about the people in it are staged in an artistic way.

When a group of mountaineers want to climb the impressive Kumbhakarna in Nepal, the local Sherpa family is faced with a dilemma. This summit is considered as a sacred mountain in the local Kirant religion, which may not be climbed. As the leader of this expedition, however the father could finance his sons dream of training to be a doctor. The director and experienced mountaineer Eliza Kubarska skilfully directs the view over the breath-taking mountains into its spiritual dimensions in nature and environment.