Sven Allenbach (Schweiz)
The Great Himalaya Trail
Deutsch, Englisch
50 min
Sven Allenbach (Schweiz)
Alpinism & Expeditions
(beyond competition)

This film is only in the competition of Mountainfilm Graz and is not available for booking. Regarding safety measures on behalf of the Corona pandemic, we sadly cannot show all films.

Maria-Theresia Zwyssig sets off from Switzerland, alone on her bicycle to travel 15,000 kilometres to Kathmandu. But this is only the access. She dreams of hiking on the “Great Himalayan Trail”. She wants to be the first woman to accomplish the most dangerous and highest trekking route on earth in one season. The vast landscape is as impressive as tricky and demanding. The 34 year-old woman pushes her physical and mental limits.