Dereck Joubert (Südafrika/Österreich)
Okawango - Fluss der Träume - Inselwelt
53 min
Dereck Joubert (Südafrika/Österreich)
Nature and Environment

This film is only in the competition of Mountainfilm Graz and is not available for booking. Regarding safety measures on behalf of the Corona pandemic, we sadly cannot show all films.

The Okawango River in South Africa is special. It rises in the mountains of Angola and then disperses its floods landwards to Botswana, where it then seeps away in the Kalahari Desert. A powerful and experienced lion is king of the Okawango Delta, a landscape marked by waters and numerous islands. Warthogs, hyenas and a pack of lions are the protagonists of the stories about hunting, rivalry and solidarity in this unique nature wonder, where all livings are connected.