Irja von Bernstorff (Deutschland)
Bhutan - Glücksland im Wandel
44 min
Irja von Bernstorff (Deutschland)
People & Cultures
(beyond competition)

This film is only in the competition of Mountainfilm Graz and is not available for booking. Regarding safety measures on behalf of the Corona pandemic, we sadly cannot show all films.

In Bhutan, the maximum of a “Gross National Happiness” is enshrined in the constitution. With many summits higher than 7000m, and 80 percent over 2000m high this “Nation of Happiness”, which has been isolated for a long time, is now facing a fast-paced change. Television, internet and democratisation have reached the last kingdom in the Himalayas almost simultaneously. With one foot in the Middle Ages, and the other one in the digital time, Bhutan people have to master a unique balancing act.