Othmar Schmiderer (Österreich)
Die Tage wie das Jahr
Deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln
86 min
Othmar Schmiderer (Österreich)
Nature and Environment
(beyond competition)

This film is only in the competition of Mountainfilm Graz and is not available for booking. Regarding safety measures on behalf of the Corona pandemic, we sadly cannot show all films.


Alpine Camera Austria 2020

In the tradition of the Direct Cinema, the director accompanies and documents the daily life of the protagonists couple without any intervention. The audience is invited for a while to accompany the life of the two, in an unaffected and no frills imagery. A seemingly small everyday story is transformed into a big one. In this documentary the narration is given the necessary time and the participating audience is immersed in a hidden world.

Gottfried and Elfie have consequently opted for a “small” economy on the small farmstead in the Austrian Waldviertel . They see their animals not as possessions, but as individual living beings, and their soil as an own cosmos. Without any comment or explanation, we follow the trail of a life, which reduces the widespread resource-destroying practice of conventional agriculture and unlimited consumption absurdity.