Johannes Hano (Deutschland)
Nordlichter - Leben am Polarkreis: Von Ostgrönland nach Alaska
44 min
Johannes Hano (Deutschland)
People & Cultures

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2020

This film follows people living at the Arctic Circle and illuminates the complexity of the topic of tension between different economic and ecological interests. Depicting the living space of the Inuit makes the impacts of climate changes impressively visible. The Inuit world clearly shows what the change in the climate is causing. But also, those who contribute to the climate crisis, the workers in the oil industry, have to fight directly with the effects of their actions. The livelihood on both sides are being adversely affected by global warming. The melting of the ice and of the perma-frost make hunting and oil extraction more complicated – a paradox.

From the world‘s largest fjord system in Eastern Greenland, to the isles of the Northwest Passage up to the huge oil fields in Alaska. The climate change affects the Inuit’s lives, the military situation in the Arctic and the greed of raw materials, and is on the verge of having critical consequences for men and nature due to the melting permafrost. This is the portray of an hostile world in change, whose current form will soon not exist anymore.