Nature and Environment- 36 Beiträge

Films that deal with preservation and presentation of the environment, nature and wildlife.

Roman Droux
92 min Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch mit deutschen Untertiteln
At the utmost end of Alaska, in North America’s probably last wilderness, the filmmaker Roman Droux and the... mehr info >
Franz Hafner, Jean-Luc Guidon
51 min Deutsch
The film tells the story of life and survival in a vineyard over the course of a year. An unexpected number of... mehr info >
Christian Baumeister
44 min Deutsch
Portugal’s climate is marked by the Atlantic cold in the north and the Mediterranean flair in the south. Therefore, a... mehr info >
Josu Venero, Jesus Mari Lazkano
17 min Baskisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Artiko – the Arctic – means cold light, reflecting water, sparse landscape, ice and snow. Not only scientists and... mehr info >
Thomas Horat
91 min Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch, Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Wolves are polarizing and fascinating animals – and they bring disorder in our system. After having been extirpated... mehr info >
Yann Sochaczewski
50 min Deutsch
No matter if young or old, almost nobody can resist the charm of the cute looking squirrels with their fat cheeks... mehr info >
Andreas Gasser & Sam Strauss
12 min Deutsch (Kärntner Mundart) mit englischen Untertiteln
The place, where we may live, has much more to offer than we imagine. You have to take your time in order to see it,... mehr info >
Heike Grebe und Michael Riegler
50 min Deutsch
Corsica offers more than only sun and beaches. The most mountainous island of the Mediterranean, whose summits are... mehr info >
Rožle Bregar
16 min Englisch
The only constant in nature is transformation. The traces of this continual transformation can be seen everywhere: in... mehr info >
Florian Guthknecht
52 min Deutsch
The volcanism on the islands of Dominica and Guadeloupe is the reason of the untypically rich biodiversity in the... mehr info >
Oliver Goetzl
52 min Deutsch
The barely explored caldera of Mount Suswa in the Rift Valley in Kenia is homeland to many animals in varied living... mehr info >
Heribert Schöller
44 min Deutsch
They are two closely related but nevertheless opposed protagonists: the wolf, a predator which maintains the health... mehr info >
Gernot Lercher
51 min Deutsch
Earth, water, air and fire – Portugal’s wildlife and animal world struggles to live and to survive in an eternal... mehr info >
Othmar Schmiderer
86 min Deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln
Gottfried and Elfie have consequently opted for a “small” economy on the small farmstead in the Austrian Waldviertel... mehr info >
Taylor Reese
25 min Englisch
Vladimir, a pugnacious, aging Russian marine biologist, unexpectedly finds himself as a hitchhiker aboard the boat of... mehr info >
Alexandra Hardorf & Luis Ara
44 min Deutsch
An expedition along the Andes, the longest mountain range on earth, which extends 7,500 kilometres along the west... mehr info >
Henry M. Mix, Boas Schwarz
51 min Deutsch
Only two degrees celsius more – what does this mean for the vast areas along the Russian Polar Circle? Already now,... mehr info >
Véronique Anne et Erik Lapied
61 min Französisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
A mountain range with glittering glaciers, steep rock faces, majestic high valleys, and, high up, a little point with... mehr info >
Julien Roserens / Morgan Le Faucheur
45 min Englisch, Französisch mit englischen Untertiteln
Mountains look like petrified giants from primeval times, their voices sound like the thunder of avalanches... mehr info >
Jens Monath
54 min Deutsch
Since the emergence of our planet around 4.6 billions of years ago, our earth has been formed by forces of nature... mehr info >
Tuan Lam, Bruce Morrison, Mark Strickson
90 min Deutsch
These are landscapes hardly anyone has set foot in or seen; pictures taken from the air, on land and under water... mehr info >
Verena Schönauer
90 min Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch mit deutschen Untertiteln
This journey across Grisons, the largest canton in Switzerland, presents a unique eco-system and the special Grison... mehr info >
Markus Schmidbauer
43 min Deutsch
Although among all primates, the bonobos are the closest relatives of us humans, we barely know anything about them... mehr info >
Thomas Radler
45 min Deutsch
Since decades, some South American ecologists have a big dream. They would like to create an interrelated system of... mehr info >
Karl Teuschl
45 min Deutsch
The world’s first urban national park is called “Rouge” and is located in the centre of the Canadian metropole... mehr info >
Rolando Menardi
53 min Deutsch
In the heart of the Mediterranean island Sardinia, an exceptional species of horses of a mythic origin resist the... mehr info >
Dereck Joubert
53 min Deutsch
The Okawango River in South Africa is special. It rises in the mountains of Angola and then disperses its floods... mehr info >
Rolf Schlenker
44 min Deutsch
The climate change has particularly heavy impacts on the Alps. The steep slopes offer more surface to the sunrays and... mehr info >
Dereck Joubert
53 min Deutsch
For decades, the filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert have been living in the Okawango Delta, always searching for... mehr info >
Mark Fletcher
52 min Deutsch
The Skywalker Gibbons are a rare Chinese ape species, who communicate with special calls, which are important, above... mehr info >
Ivo Filatsch
50 min Deutsch
Although all living beings on earth look completely different, they all have one thing in common: an outside cover... mehr info >
Martin Mészáros
50 min Deutsch
The Tundra on the north coast of Alaska is a nature jewel, a unique combination of untouched living spaces, which has... mehr info >
Marion Pöllmann
52 min Deutsch
Trinidad and Tobago are two special islands in the Caribbean. Only 1,500 years ago, Trinidad was still connected to... mehr info >
Steffen und Alexandra Sailer
44 min Deutsch
In the north of Scandinavia, where in summer the sun almost never sets, life follows its own rules. There is food in... mehr info >
Annette Scheurich, Alexandra & Steffen Sailer, Klaus Scheurich
89 min Deutsch
Every season of all four is unique and presents new specific challenges for all living beings. The constant change of... mehr info >
Eva Gressel
53 min Deutsch
The arrival of a young male brown bear in the border triangle of Austria, Slovenia and Italy, and his walk across the... mehr info >