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Films on ethnological topics and cultures in their environment.

Nick Martini
22 min Englisch
In the rugged White Mountains of northern-New Hampshire, “Lahout’s”, America’s oldest ski shop, has remained open 365... mehr info >
Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen
22 min Englisch
In rural Utah, a valley of world-class bouldering is nestled among a conservative community of Mormons, cowboys and... mehr info >
Otmar Penker
48 min Deutsch
The smooth green side of the Alps, the Nockberg Mountains, are clearly marked by the interaction of a unique nature... mehr info >
Johannes Hano
44 min Deutsch
From the world‘s largest fjord system in Eastern Greenland, to the isles of the Northwest Passage up to the huge oil... mehr info >
Sabiha Sumar
44 min Deutsch
In the north of Pakistan, there live the Kalasha people with their centuries-old culture. They practice a polytheism,... mehr info >
Markus Augé
26 min Deutsch
As a dweller of South Tyrol, Reinhold Messner is a citizen of a region, which lies between several countries in the... mehr info >
Markus Augé
26 min Deutsch
In the glacier world of the Ötztaler Alps, glaciers are called “Ferner”. The star of the Ötztaler Alps is a man of... mehr info >
Irja von Bernstorff
44 min Deutsch
In Bhutan, the maximum of a “Gross National Happiness” is enshrined in the constitution. With many summits higher... mehr info >
Hannes Schuler
44 min Deutsch
Max has a very particular dream. He would like to become the new mountain distiller in the Berchtesgaden National... mehr info >
Johannes Olszewski
5 min Englisch mit englischen Untertiteln
High above the sacred Navajo land of Monument Valley, two hot air balloons float, circling each other as if in a... mehr info >
Johannes Olszewski
21 min Deutsch, Englisch mit englischen Untertiteln
The Making of #buildingbridges is a documentary detailing the production of the film #buildingbridges from its... mehr info >
Franz Walter
42 min Deutsch
Spending days outside means a magnificent source of experiences for growing children. In addition they learn social... mehr info >
Astrid Kofler
31 min Deutsch, Südtiroler Dialekt
The school-house in Lanebach is one of the last ones of this type in the Alpine region. When, at the end of the... mehr info >
Beau Miles
17 min Englisch mit englischen Untertiteln
The Australian Beau Miles is known for his unorthodox access to all matters of life. He accomplishes his projects in... mehr info >