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Saturday, 12. Jun. 2021

Steffen und Alexandra Sailer
44 min Deutsch
In the north of Scandinavia, where in summer the sun almost never sets, life follows its own rules. There is food in... mehr info >
Otmar Penker
48 min Deutsch
The smooth green side of the Alps, the Nockberg Mountains, are clearly marked by the interaction of a unique nature... mehr info >
Astrid Kofler
31 min Deutsch, Südtiroler Dialekt
The school-house in Lanebach is one of the last ones of this type in the Alpine region. When, at the end of the... mehr info >
Franz Hafner, Jean-Luc Guidon
51 min Deutsch
The film tells the story of life and survival in a vineyard over the course of a year. An unexpected number of... mehr info >
Josu Venero, Jesus Mari Lazkano
17 min Baskisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Artiko – the Arctic – means cold light, reflecting water, sparse landscape, ice and snow. Not only scientists and... mehr info >
Franz Walter
42 min Deutsch
Spending days outside means a magnificent source of experiences for growing children. In addition they learn social... mehr info >
Reinhold Messner
54 min Deutsch
Climbing artists have been writing the story of the Three Peaks into the alpine history of the mighty rock faces Drei... mehr info >
Joey Schusler
26 min Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Cody and Kellyn love to ski, spend time in the great outdoors, and dream all day long of making turns in untracked... mehr info >
Davina Beyloos Montaz-Rosset et Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
44 min Englisch
The Swiss professional high-liner Bernhard loves nothing more than mountains. Whereas the acrobats Maja and Sebastian... mehr info >
Never Not Collective
74 min Englisch
From the famous Big Walls in Yosemite, to fantastic climbing routes in Mexico, to tricky boulder problems in... mehr info >