Alpinism & Expeditions (5 Beiträge)

Films on expeditions and ventures with explorative character in natural environment far from civilisation.

Olaf Obsommer
41 min
Reinhold Messner
54 min
Jacqueline Schwerzmann
95 min
Guillaume Broust
29 min

Sports in Mountains & Nature (12 Beiträge)

Films that focus on the athletic performance in an outdoor environment and the motivations of the protagonists.

Alastair Lee
57 min
Peter Mortimer and Josh Lowell
18 min
Anoitne Boisselier / Christophe Tong Viet / Jérémie Chenal
34 min
Pep Cuberes Esgleas & Xevi Esgleas Tarifa
25 min
Abedin Mohammadi
20 min
Alexander Lysenko
16 min
Stefan Köchel & David Schickengruber
42 min
Joey Schusler
26 min
Davina Beyloos Montaz-Rosset et Sébastien Montaz-Rosset
44 min
Never Not Collective
74 min

Nature and Environment (11 Beiträge)

Films that deal with preservation and presentation of the environment, nature and wildlife.

Franz Hafner, Jean-Luc Guidon
51 min
Josu Venero, Jesus Mari Lazkano
17 min
Andreas Gasser & Sam Strauss
12 min
Taylor Reese
25 min
Henry M. Mix, Boas Schwarz
51 min
Steffen und Alexandra Sailer
44 min

People & Cultures (8 Beiträge)

Films on ethnological topics and cultures in their environment.