Prize Winning Films 2020

Grand Prix Graz

Henry M. Mix, Boas Schwarz
51 min Deutsch

With a stringent dramaturgy, this film projects the problems of the north-Siberian Nenets into our reality, without ever becoming striking. The narrative is sensitive and yet consistently implemented. This film is particularly characterized by the careful journalistic research as well as the excellent camera shooting. The environmental changes in the Arctic, caused by the climate warming, are illustrated in an almost prophetic way. Already before the outbreak of the corona pandemic, the director refers to unknown virus species, that are now entering the atmosphere through the thawing of the permafrost. A significant and convincing film document which, due to its seriousness, does not cease to have an impact

- Jury Statement

Alpine Camera Austria

Othmar Schmiderer
86 min Deutsch mit englischen Untertiteln

In the tradition of the Direct Cinema, the director accompanies and documents the daily life of the protagonists couple without any intervention. The audience is invited for a while to accompany the life of the two, in an unaffected and no frills imagery. A seemingly small everyday story is transformed into a big one. In this documentary the narration is given the necessary time and the participating audience is immersed in a hidden world.

- Jury Statement

Kamera Alpin in Gold - Nature and Environment

Thomas Horat
91 min Deutsch, Schweizerdeutsch, Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln

On a high journalistic and scientific level, the director deals with a topic, that is increasingly becoming more and more the focus of attention. The relationship between humans and wolves has been the subject of heated and emotional discussions in recent, particularly in Europe. The different perspectives and how the protagonists deal with the problem are objectively discussed and present several possible solutions

- Jury Statement

Kamera Alpin in Gold - Sports in Mountains & Nature

Henna Taylor
23 min Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln

The director presents the dangerous side of the climbing sport in a formal term, in the report of the mourning bereaved relatives of athletes, who had fatal accidents when practicing their sport. However, the positive attitude towards life which is the basis of this activity which produces top achievements, but which can also end fatally, remains visible. The confrontation with death is dealt with individually each time. Without slipping into “grief pornography” intimacy is created in the film when partners, who were not present at the accidents themselves, talk about how they deal with their loss. The underlying message is not exclusively limited to climbing.

- Jury Statement

Kamera Alpin in Gold - Alpinism & Expeditions

Pavol Barabas
52 min Slowakisch mit englischen Untertiteln

This film deals with a central topos of high altitude climbing, with failure. The current interviews with expedition members are combined with historic film materials in a perfectly balanced combination This is achieved by an aesthetic and clear picture language, without any exaggerated hero representation. In all modesty before what they experienced, and with all their self-doubts, the survivors of this tragedy share their experiences with us. The director of this contemporary film document has elaborated the events with caution and empathy.

- Jury Statement

Kamera Alpin in Gold - People & Cultures

This film follows people living at the Arctic Circle and illuminates the complexity of the topic of tension between different economic and ecological interests. Depicting the living space of the Inuit makes the impacts of climate changes impressively visible. The Inuit world clearly shows what the change in the climate is causing. But also, those who contribute to the climate crisis, the workers in the oil industry, have to fight directly with the effects of their actions. The livelihood on both sides are being adversely affected by global warming. The melting of the ice and of the perma-frost make hunting and oil extraction more complicated – a paradox.

- Jury Statement

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