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Saturday, 16. Nov. 2019

Matt Hamilton
50 min Deutsch
Due to the special location of the tropic island Borneo, here one can find an incomparably rich nature and a great... mehr info >
Klaus T. Steindl
50 min Deutsch
A hidden antique realm in an almost inaccessible region of the Alps is the cradle of the Celtic culture – Hallstatt... mehr info >
Rita und Michael Schlamberger
50 min Deutsch
From the snow-covered icy worlds of the high mountains with its giant glaciers, thunderous waterfalls and its... mehr info >
Amanda Bluglass
7 min Englisch
Why do we put ourselves into the path of discomfort and risk? What drives us to get too cold and too tired, to battle... mehr info >
Annette Scheurich, Steffen Sailer
44 min Deutsch
Life and death, farewell and new beginnings – in hardly any other season, those antipodes are as close as in autumn... mehr info >
Alfred Ninaus
46 min Deutsch
Whoever arrives at the 1788 m high Sölk Pass in the Lower Tauern mountain range, has the impression to be at the edge... mehr info >
Jan Haft
44 min Deutsch
Everybody knows a brook, an at first sight seemingly unimposing living space. Be it a mountain torrent, a shady... mehr info >
Viktor Apfelbacher und Anna Steuber
52 min Deutsch
The Kluane National Park is located in the extreme south west of the Yukon Territory, directly on the border to... mehr info >
Miroslaw Dembinski
38 min Polnisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Janusz Orlowski aka „Grandpa” is unique. He began paragliding after he had turned seventy. He stood out of the group... mehr info >
Henrik von Janda-Eble
55 min Deutsch, Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
In 2018, Toni Sponar has lived his 108th skiing season in his life. The 84-year-old enjoys two winter seasons every... mehr info >
Rafael Duarte
75 min Portugiesisch, Englisch mit englischen Untertiteln
The film tells the life story of Roman Romancini, one of the most important Brazilian mountaineers, in his endeavor... mehr info >
Uwe Müller
44 min Deutsch
When we go to sleep, they start to appear. The luminous fireflies look for a partner, the beech marten crawls out of... mehr info >
Herbert Ostwald
52 min Deutsch
Cows are seen as symbols of an idyllic rural life. However, most of those animals are living in cowsheds, not on... mehr info >
Nora Bergenthal, Frank Siegwart
43 min Deutsch
Snakes, camels, diamonds: who would think of Canada? Dirk Steffens watches natural wonders in the Be it the world’s... mehr info >
Carsten Peter
3 min non verbal
The 2018 lower Puna eruption was the most destructive volcanic activity in the United States since the 1980 eruption... mehr info >
Luc-Henri Fage
54 min Deutsch
Who could have penetrated 300 meters at the bottom of a cave of the gorges of Aveyron to build structures composed of... mehr info >
Rick Rosenthal
50 min Deutsch
Giants are floating in the Ocean, the largest animals on our planet. Although the whales have lived much longer on... mehr info >
300 min Deutsch
At the award ceremony the winners of Mountainfilm Graz’s film contest will be announced. Festival director Robert... mehr info >
A ticket for one of the main program blocks (Stefaniensaal, Steiermarksaal oder Kammermusiksaal) grants access to the whole Program of "Blauer Salon" and "Grüner Salon" on the day the ticket is valid for.
This year, Mountainfilm Graz also offers special "Salon-only"-tickets.
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Georg Bayerle
09:45 - 26 min Deutsch
With its altitude of 3,106 m, the High Sonnblick Mountain is not only close to the sun, but hosts also one of the... mehr info >
Andreas Gasser, Sam Strauss, Tom Gaisbacher
10:15 - 8 min Deutsch, Dialekt
Three passionate mountain bikers and one camera. Andreas Gasser, Sam Strauss and Thomas Gaisbacher are searching for... mehr info >
Matteo Vettorel & Damiano Levati
10:25 - 33 min Englisch, Italienisch mit englischen Untertiteln
There is no human being for whom life has not reserved a kick in his teeth, sooner or later. Certain things cannot be... mehr info >
Joaquin Azulay, Julian Azulay and Fernando Salem
11:00 - 74 min Englisch, Spanisch mit englischen Untertiteln
The Gauchos del Mar brothers explore the Falkland Islands, a 700 hundred islands archipelago, aiming to unite and... mehr info >
Matt Hardy
12:15 - 17 min Englisch
The Dark Peak Fell Runners base themselves in Sheffield, but their playground is the Peak District National Park... mehr info >
Samuel Crossley
12:35 - 21 min Englisch
Far Away follows two female climbers who know when to take things seriously and when to enjoy the moments of an epic... mehr info >
Jan Simanek
12:55 - 31 min Tschechisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
The main role in this documentary is played by the legend of the Czech sandstone climbing Petr "Špek" Slanina. He has... mehr info >
Karel Vlček
13:25 - 42 min Englisch
Climbing in the Czech sandstone areas seen through the eyes of Karel Vlček in 1979 – 1988 in photographs and 16 mm... mehr info >
A ticket for one of the main program blocks (Stefaniensaal, Steiermarksaal oder Kammermusiksaal) grants access to the whole Program of "Blauer Salon" and "Grüner Salon" on the day the ticket is valid for.
This year, Mountainfilm Graz also offers special "Salon-only"-tickets.
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Pierre Chauffour
14:30 - 26 min Französisch mit englischen Untertiteln
It is a fact that our winters are getting warmer. Therefore it is harder and harder to find the ideal conditions for... mehr info >
Zachary Barr, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
15:00 - 21 min Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
When climbing was announced as part of the 2020 Olympics, it was a monumental occasion for the sport. But many... mehr info >
Manrico Dell'Agnola
15:20 - 22 min Italienisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Donnafugata is a notable route opened by Christoph Hainz in 2004, on the south wall of Torre Trieste on the Civetta —... mehr info >
Jakob Schweighofer
15:45 - 26 min Deutsch
What happens, when you are caught by motivation? When your obstinacy drives you to push your limits? How long will... mehr info >
Nathan Dappen
16:10 - 25 min Englisch
In 1974, Nathan’s 20-year-old parents and uncle Andy built their own canoes, launched them into the Pacific, and... mehr info >
Guillaume Broust
16:35 - 43 min Französisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
An unexplored massif in a remote valley of Pakistan, a big-wall which has never been climbed and a solid team of... mehr info >
Harry Putz & Alan Smithee
17:20 - 16 min Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
The meanwhile 43-year old Swiss Ueli Kestenholz has already achieved everything that an athlete can achieve in... mehr info >
Vladimir Cellier
17:35 - 24 min Französisch mit englischen Untertiteln
Olivier Testa explores the caves of Haiti since 2009, leading expeditions, trainings, and research projects across... mehr info >
Rita und Michael Schlamberger
18:00 - 52 min Deutsch
Water is not only the basis of all life, it also provides Austria some of the most spectacular nature wonders of... mehr info >