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Tuesday, 12. Nov. 2019

Carsten Peter
3 min non verbal
During the retreat of the last Ice Age, a great number of dead ice lakes were formed in South Germany. They were... mehr info >
Dariusz Załuski
83 min Polnisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
The true story of the climbing attempt on K2, the last Himalayan peak still unconquered in winter. The expedition led... mehr info >
Frédéric Fougea
94 min Englisch
The animals living in the Alps have to prove their special skills day by day to survive the dangers of their harsh... mehr info >
Berndt Welz
29 min Deutsch
The small Indian federal state Sikkim in the Himalayas has introduced organic agriculture in the whole state... mehr info >
Alastair Humphreys
20 min Englisch
What does “adventure“ mean? Very often, one speaks about leaving the comfort zone, but rarely this happens in such a... mehr info >
Jen Randall
92 min Englisch
Between 2011 and 2015 UK adventurer Sarah Outen traversed the globe by bike, kayak and rowing boat, travelling over... mehr info >
Nikolaus Geyrhalter
116 min Diverse Sprachen mit deutschen Untertiteln
Every year, several billions of tons of earth are moved by mankind – be it with shovels, excavators or dynamite. In... mehr info >
Olaf Obsommer
22 min Deutsch
Adrian Mattern, alias Atte, is the shooting star of the German white water kayaking scenery. No one else travels as... mehr info >
Rožle Bregar, Matič Oblak and Miha Avguštin
52 min Diverse Sprachen mit deutschen Untertiteln
The Balkan Peninsula cradles Europe's last wild rivers and supports abundant wildlife and healthy, intact ecosystems... mehr info >
Michael Brown
79 min Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
The Weight of Water is a story of a blind man balancing fear of drowning in the chaos of whitewater rapids with the... mehr info >
Oliver Bruck
102 min Deutsch, Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
Already as a little boy, Oliver Bruck was fascinated by Hans Hass. On television, he watched the bold diver, who,... mehr info >
Gerald Salmina
101 min Deutsch
He became world famous in 1996, when he achieved the fastest climb ever of the north route to the summit of Mount... mehr info >
Gwendolin Weisser / Patrick Allgaier
127 min Deutsch
50,000 kilometers of hitch-hiking, crossing the Oceans on a ship and a baby born in Mexico. “FAR. The Story Of A Trip... mehr info >