Hans-Peter Stauber (Österreich)
In Memoriam: David Lama
50 min
Hans-Peter Stauber (Österreich)
He was only 28 years old but despite his youth the shining light of modern alpinism.
A portrait in memory of an exceptional talent and probably one of the most impressive all-round alpinists from Austria. One of his biggest successes – the free first ascent of the south-facing wall of the Cerro Torre together with Peter Ortner – was described by him as one of the most emotional moments in his career. In April 2019, together with Hansjörg Auer and Jess Rosskelley, he tried to climb the difficult eastern side to reach the 3.295m summit of the Howse Peak in the Banff National Park. The expedition was caught in an avalanche – immediate assistance was not possible due to complicated weather and avalanche conditions.