Alfred Ninaus (Österreich)
Leben unterm Himmelszelt - Almen im Sölktal
46 min
Alfred Ninaus (Österreich)
Nature and Environment
Whoever arrives at the 1788 m high Sölk Pass in the Lower Tauern mountain range, has the impression to be at the edge of the world. This pass is located at the end of the Großsölk Valley. But the Putzental Pasture, at the end of the Kleinsölk Valley, also seems to be the end of the world. A cul-de-sac of desire. At the beginning of June, the mountain farmer Karl Brandner leaves his farm in the Kleinsölk Valley, together with his family, the cat Flocki and the cattle, to pass the summer at the Tuchmoar Pasture, at an altitude of 1299 m. The camera accompanies the family during their alpine summer until they bring back their cattle to the valley at the beginning of September.