Luc-Henri Fage (Frankreich)
Neandertal - Das Rätsel der Bruniquel-Höhle
54 min
Luc-Henri Fage (Frankreich)
People & Cultures
Who could have penetrated 300 meters at the bottom of a cave of the gorges of Aveyron to build structures composed of more than 400 broken stalagmites? At what time? And, above all, why? Since the discovery of the cave in 1990 by a young speleologist from Tarn-et-Garonne, this amazing architecture has never revealed its secrets.
In 2014, a team of researchers decided to return, hoping to finally solve the enigma of the Bruniquel cave. For 4 years, we followed them in their investigation. We went where no cameras had yet been able to enter, where no visitor would ever be allowed to enter.
We have accompanied these explorers of science in the meanders of their research. At their side, we witnessed one of the most important archaeological discoveries of our time. And the Neanderthal man is the hero.