Oliver Bruck (Österreich)
Exploring Hans Hass
Deutsch, Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
102 min
Oliver Bruck (Österreich)
People & Cultures

Alpine Camera Austria 2019

Based on the chance find of numerous, until then unknown films by Hans Hass which he, in his life time, had ordered to be destroyed, Oliver Bruck has succeeded in his film Exploring Hans Hass in developing a complex, however always fluent, visual and sonic story line by combining skilfully those findings with archive materials, personal on-site-explorations and interviews with companions, which present not only a sophisticated portrait of the Austrian diving and film pioneer, but above all the persona of Hans Hass.

Already as a little boy, Oliver Bruck was fascinated by Hans Hass. On television, he watched the bold diver, who, together with his breathtakingly beautiful wife Lotte, dared to swim with sharks, and whose fiction films fascinated even Hollywood. In 2015, Oliver Bruck – meanwhile a biology student – finds an unexpected treasure. In a garage, he discovers hundreds of partly undeveloped film rolls by Hans Hass. A thrilling journey begins, who was his idol, the daredevil diver, in reality?