Olaf Obsommer (Deutschland)
Eiskajakfilm - Eisiger Tanz am Götterfall
Deutsch, Englisch mit deutschen Untertiteln
31 min
Olaf Obsommer (Deutschland)
Sports in Mountains & Nature
The waterfalls in the north of Iceland present already in summer a true challenge for daredevil kayakers. How mad must one be, to attempt them in winter? We ask Matze Brustmann, Adrian Mattern, Jobst Hahn from Germany, and the four-times extreme kayaking world champion Sam Sutton from New Zealand, who travel to the Goðafoss Waterfalls at the beginning of March, to try something extraordinary. On the “Fall of the Gods”, the four succeed in numerous rides on different routes, such as the first winter ride of the 14 m high main waterfall in the middle of the stream.