Denise Blaquière (Deutschland)
Faszination Arktis - Tauchgang unter dünnem Eis
85 min
Denise Blaquière (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2019

In the film FASZINATION ARKTIS, the two extreme divers Jill Heinerth und Mario Cyr undertake a breath-taking expedition into the fascinating underwater world of the Polar Sea. Through their eyes, we can closely experience this unique world. We dive with belugas and narwhales, meet walruses and ice-bears and giant floating icebergs. At the same time, we see, how this world of the seemingly eternal ice is changing just before our eyes. The ice is melting faster, certain food chains and habitat of animals are disappearing. This film is fascinating by its beauty, however, also by showing that the fragile balance of nature is on the verge of tipping over. Those pictures will probably be among the last ones, which show us the Arctic as it is today. A thought provoking documentary.

The American National Academy of Sciences raises alarm in its recent report. The melting poles in the Polar Regions could provoke a rise of the sea level of more than 2 metres, which would drive around 187 million people away from their coastland homes, within the next three generations. What does this mean now for the nature and animals in the Arctic? On the search for answers, the extreme divers Jill Heinerth and Mario Cyr dare a risky expedition to the Arctic Ocean.