Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Magisches Island
51 min
Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment

Grand Prix Graz 2019

From beginning to end, Magisches Island is a memorable feast for the eyes, engaging the viewer with astonishingly beautiful imagery of this volcanic island--including a delightful array of flora and fauna. A true master of communicating science through his exquisite art, director Jan Haft draws us deep into this magical place, ultimately enticing us to understand and care even more about the natural world.

The coast of Iceland is 5,000 km long. The harsh Nordic nature has been shaped by volcanoes, above or under water, because this island is located on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and therefore on the contact zone between two tectonic plates. Tectonic gaps are sometimes filled with coloured water, sometimes with crystal-clear water. Lakes are cold because of the glacier’s water, or boiling hot because of the volcano’s activity. Rivers change their flow direction, sometimes they are salty, sometimes they are fresh water. With Iceland’s inland waters everything seems upside down. However, also in the sea around the island there are many stupendous things to explore.