Jona Salcher, Luigjina Shkupa (Deutschland)
Wenn er kommt, dann schießen wir
Italienisch, Deutsch mit deutschen Untertiteln
29 min
Jona Salcher, Luigjina Shkupa (Deutschland)
People & Cultures
In South Tyrol, around 150 years ago, the wolves had been eradicated with help of traps, poison and lead balls. Now this predator is back again. It kills the farmers’ sheep and provokes primal human fears. Animal protectors are against the farmers, who fight for a wolf-free South Tyrol. In the middle of the conflict-parties are the politics, which emphasizes the scary image of the wolves in order to win elections. How does the society react to the return of the infamous archenemy? Must the predator be shot, or might the wolf be a part of nature, which should be protected?