Rožle Bregar, Matič Oblak and Miha Avguštin (Slowenien)
The Undamaged
Diverse Sprachen mit deutschen Untertiteln
52 min
Rožle Bregar, Matič Oblak and Miha Avguštin (Slowenien)
Nature and Environment
The Balkan Peninsula cradles Europe's last wild rivers and supports abundant wildlife and healthy, intact ecosystems. These rivers are “The Undamaged” – clean, pristine, and undammed. With over 2,700 small and large hydro power plants, planned or under construction in the Balkans, corruption and greed are destroying the last free-flowing rivers of Europe. Following the Balkan Rivers Tour, a crew of white water kayakers, film makers, photographers and friends who decided to stand up for the rivers, travel from Slovenia to Albania for 36 days, kayaking 23 rivers in 6 countries to protest against the dams and to reveal the secret, wild rivers of the Balkans to the world. The film honours everyday people and local activists who are fighting for an untouched river landscape.