Damien Artero (Frankreich)
The Slow Fast Walk
Englisch, Französisch mit englischen Untertiteln
52 min
Damien Artero (Frankreich)
Sports in Mountains & Nature
The Slow Fast Walk is the incredible but very well planned challenge of Florian Gomet, author, globe-traveller, hygienist and accomplished sportsman. Without eating, Florian walks 360 kilometers across the Mt Mackenzie in Northern Canada on the Canol Trail, one of the world’s most remote treks. He wants to show the incredible natural abilities of the human body and turn the adventure, and the exploration, towards the infinite of his interior. Follower of minimalism principles, Florian leaves without real mountain equipment and walks in sandals, even barefoot: it is no madness but the desire to go to the basics. He bets that his vital needs can be satisfied, for the most part, without artifice or tool, by the strength of the spirit, his harmony with the body and the rigor in the preparation of the latter.