People & Cultures- 17 Beiträge

Films on ethnological topics and cultures in their environment.

Thomas Miklautsch
26 min
Orlando Duque, after 20 years living outside of Colombia, returned to his hometown Cali. Meanwhile a cliff diving... mehr info >
Felix Randau
93 min
5,300 years ago, in the Young Stone Age. A big family lives peacefully on a river bank in the mehr info >
Rosie Koch & Roland Gockel
52 min
The north of Oman offers a rich landscape, extending from the sea coast, where its capital Maskat and the ship... mehr info >
Johannes Aitzetmüller, Jeb Hardwick
30 min
Together with a film and audio-crew, seven musicians set off on a mountain tour across the Tyrolean Alps. In... mehr info >
Hanno Mackowitz
12 min
Seen from a different perspective, ski lifts become geometric forms, which seem to leave their original purpose... mehr info >
Chang-yong Moon & Jin Jeon
95 min
Padma Angdu's world turns upside down when the monastery where he belonged expels him. Although he is recognized as a mehr info >
Hubert Neufeld
8 min
In the Styrian mountain village of Oppenberg and its surrounding forests, one can observe the freelance artist Armin... mehr info >
Richard Berry
6 min
This short film looks at three distinct regions of Nepal, the bustling streets of Kathmandu, Jyamrung, a rural... mehr info >
Zoe Borzi
4 min
How do you reach a goal? Usually you start with the first step. In the film mehr info >
Jonas Julian Köck
6 min
Bastian Kalous is fascinated by two things: large format photography and wild nature. For his work he uses old... mehr info >
Beat Bieri
50 min
One Sunday in July 2016 was a black Sunday for the Gisler Family. The 62-year old mountain farmer from Urn, Sepp... mehr info >
Tina Radke-Gerlach
30 min
In 2002, Ruby was 3 years old when she was adopted by a German couple in Nepal. Today, the 17-year old fun-loving... mehr info >
Brigitte Kornberger
29 min
Every year, the Austrian and German ski resorts push the limits of the possible further and further, staging ever... mehr info >
Jure Breceljnik, Rožle Bregar
71 min
Merely 3000 people inhabit East Greenland mehr info >
Dr. Peter-Hugo Scholz
27 min
Only 20 years ago, hundreds of thousands of people fled on foot from the Kosovo across the mountains to Montenegro... mehr info >
Alexander Hick
91 min
On the highest mountain in Columbia, the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, there is war mehr info >
Daniel Asadi Faezi
49 min
A remote mountain village in the north of Pakistan, on the shore of a turquoise blue lake, surrounded by rugged rock... mehr info >