Programmheft 2018

Tuesday, 13. Nov. 2018

Rosie Koch & Roland Gockel
52 min
The north of Oman offers a rich landscape, extending from the sea coast, where its capital Maskat and the ship... mehr info >
Franz Hafner
51 min
In the far east of Russia, about 6,000 km from Moscow, there is the richest, and, at the same time, the most hostile... mehr info >
Teresa Hoerl
21 min
Steph Davis has chosen climbing over lawyering. When she was 20, she dropped out of college, giving up a future... mehr info >
20 min
Having fun on the Sch mehr info >
Jeremy Grant
65 min
Hidden among the glaciers on Axel Heiberg Island, high in the Arctic Circle, are mountain bike lines too incredible... mehr info >
Thomas Miklautsch
26 min
Orlando Duque, after 20 years living outside of Colombia, returned to his hometown Cali. Meanwhile a cliff diving... mehr info >
Sean Villanueva O'Driscoll
25 min
The Vjosa is Europe mehr info >
Paul Diffley
42 min
Under lush Alpine pastures there exists a different world. Eternal darkness, dripstones and mystic water ways which... mehr info >
Beat Bieri
93 min
Switzerland is an over-exploited country. Thousands of animal and plant species are threatened with extinction. But... mehr info >
Jürgen Hansen & Simone Stripp
44 min
Before the wolves returned to the oldest national park in the world, the wapiti had breeded almost unhindered for... mehr info >
Harald Pokieser
50 min
Uganda unites the entire magic of Eastern Africa. On the western border of Uganda, the snow-covered, over 5,000... mehr info >
Felix Randau
93 min
5,300 years ago, in the Young Stone Age. A big family lives peacefully on a river bank in the mehr info >
Petra Höfer, Freddie Röckenhaus
44 min
Spring, summer, autumn and winter do not only bring colour to our forests, they also open short time windows, which... mehr info >
Melissa Lesh, Tim Laman
17 min
In the vanishing lowland rainforests of Borneo, new research is underway to uncover and understand the unique... mehr info >
Volker Schmidt-Sondermann
44 min
Central Europe sees the return of a long dreaded but also mythologized predator. The discussion about the risks and... mehr info >
Ben Tibbetts
9 min
Skiing in Greece? This seems a bit exotic. Because of the increasing lack of snow in the Alps, skiers have to look... mehr info >
Jason Hancox
43 min
New Zealand is a country for adventurers. Sam Smoothy wants to attempt nothing less than free skiing on Mount Cook,... mehr info >
Chris Eyre-Walker
29 min
Dreamwalkers tells the story of four friends who set out on a journey to the Faroe Islands to be the first to... mehr info >
Ben Page
24 min
This is a winter journey into the Canadian Arctic as Ben Page completed his bike ride up the American continent... mehr info >

Wednesday, 14. Nov. 2018

Andrea Gastgeb
50 min
The arid high planes of the Atacama Desert, the mist-shrouded island mountains in Sri Lanka, the snow-covered... mehr info >
Maurício Dias
43 min
Only thanks to the new technologies of satellite maps, have scientists discovered an almost 2000m high mountain chain... mehr info >
Mathieu Le Lay
53 min
During the darkest hours of the night, while the rest of the world is sleeping, outdoor photographer Paul Zizka... mehr info >
Klaus Höfler
30 min
It sounds crazy, it is crazy! From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, a nonstop relay race challenge. From the coast to the... mehr info >
Lisa Röösli
52 min
With its height of 5,642 metres, the Elbrus is the highest mountain of Europe and thus counts among the mehr info >
Neil Gelinas
94 min
The Okavango River Basin provides a vital source of water to about 1 million people, the world mehr info >
Nicolas Falquet
24 min
MARCEL REMY mehr info >
Pete Mortimer, Josh Lowell
104 min
In January 2015, two Americans gave rise to a world-wide media spectacle. Climber icon Tommy Caldwell and his roped... mehr info >
Etienne Merel
18 min
La Grave enjoys an almost mythic reputation among freeriders. Interminable downhills, ice gullies and overhangs in... mehr info >
Malte Roeper
42 min
Thomas Huber, like his brother Alexander, has succeeded in making a profession out of his passion for climbing... mehr info >
Jim Aikman
56 min
Conrad Anker is one of the greatest and most notorious professional mountain climbers in history. But at 54, his... mehr info >
Johannes Aitzetmüller, Jeb Hardwick
30 min
Together with a film and audio-crew, seven musicians set off on a mountain tour across the Tyrolean Alps. In... mehr info >
Matt Pycroft
28 min
Scottland, the land of the Gaeles, has not only interesting weather to offer, so it is said. The American... mehr info >
Hanno Mackowitz
12 min
Seen from a different perspective, ski lifts become geometric forms, which seem to leave their original purpose... mehr info >
Julien Huger
23 min
The Alps in winter. Men and machines engage in a strange ballet to shape the mountain. The territory resists and... mehr info >
Chang-yong Moon & Jin Jeon
95 min
Padma Angdu's world turns upside down when the monastery where he belonged expels him. Although he is recognized as a mehr info >
Verena Schönauer
90 min
The Gotthard Pass counts among the most important Alpine crossings in Europe. The story of its development from a... mehr info >

Thursday, 15. Nov. 2018

Richard Berry
6 min
This short film looks at three distinct regions of Nepal, the bustling streets of Kathmandu, Jyamrung, a rural... mehr info >
Siegfried Giuliani
30 min
At the beginning of May 1978, the first Austrians reached the summit of Mount Everest. A few days later, Reinhold... mehr info >
30 min
Has entering the so called mehr info >
Reinhold Messner
60 min
This spectacular documentation recalls the story behind the daring adventure of Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler on... mehr info >
Hubert Neufeld
8 min
In the Styrian mountain village of Oppenberg and its surrounding forests, one can observe the freelance artist Armin... mehr info >
Alice Agneskirchner
97 min
Wolves roam the German forests, as do boars, foxes, deer, chamois as well as people. We decide, which animals may be... mehr info >
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Barbara Puskás
16:05 - 52 min
Albania, located in south-eastern Europe, between Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, boasts a breathtakingly... mehr info >
Ralf Blasius
17:00 - 52 min
From the snow-covered Alpine summits to the wide Danube delta and the hot south of Spain mehr info >
Dr. Peter-Hugo Scholz
17:55 - 27 min
Only 20 years ago, hundreds of thousands of people fled on foot from the Kosovo across the mountains to Montenegro... mehr info >
Vida Valencic
18:25 - 48 min
Shot entirely in the area of the mountains Canin, Mangart and Vr mehr info >
Guillaume Broust
19:05 - 19 min
The Maewan project is a four-year, multi-stage, voyage around the world. It's a floating base camp for mountain... mehr info >
Alexander Hick
19:25 - 91 min
On the highest mountain in Columbia, the Sierra Nevada Santa Marta, there is war mehr info >
Astrid Miller
20:55 - 43 min
In many European regions, the boars had been completely exterminated or chased away, however, the boars have come... mehr info >
Ulf Marquardt
21:40 - 50 min
The four biggest rivers in Europe mehr info >

Friday, 16. Nov. 2018

Jan Haft
50 min
Norway has the highest number of fjords in the world. Sometimes they extend up to 200 km into the land, where, in the... mehr info >
Martin Dohrn und Joe Loncraine
52 min
The Jura National Park in the alpine Franco-Swiss borderlands is the setting of a truly epical saga. This is the... mehr info >
90 min
Alexander Huber climbs in the steep spheres of the vertical world. UIAA 11 is a grade, that many sport climbers... mehr info >
Zoe Borzi
4 min
How do you reach a goal? Usually you start with the first step. In the film mehr info >
Jonas Julian Köck
6 min
Bastian Kalous is fascinated by two things: large format photography and wild nature. For his work he uses old... mehr info >
Oliver Goetzl
52 min
The two wildlife filmmakers Oliver Goetzl and Ivo N mehr info >
Karel Vlček
34 min
Climbing in the Czech sand rock areas, seen through the eyes of Karel Vlc?ek. With his AK 16 camera and Nikon Camera... mehr info >
Ulf Wogenstein
12 min
He has succeeded in climbing some of the world mehr info >
Jochen Schmoll
20 min
Adam Ondra is one of the most successful and skilled climbers of our days. With mehr info >
Will Lascelles
15 min
Three dynamic climbers- Cedar Wright, James Pearson and Yuji Hirayama, take a trip to the remote Faroe Islands on the... mehr info >
Erick Grigorovski
8 min
Hugo and Lipe are back on the wall, a remote spire, actually, in the middle of the glaciers, to face all challenges... mehr info >
Matty Hong, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
26 min
In high-end modern rock climbing, 5.15 is the top of the difficulty scale, a grade achieved by only a few men and... mehr info >
Lie Feng
15 min
A university teacher who wants to break free from a life of routine in China, falls under the spell of a mysterious... mehr info >
Simon Platzer & Jakob Schweighofer
16 min
Michi Wohlleben can hardly tame his ambition. As an alpinist he achieves one top performance after another and he is... mehr info >
Werner Bertolan
48 min
In the climbing world, no other pair of brothers is better known than Thomas and Alexander Huber from Berchtesgaden... mehr info >
Andrea Rüthlein
45 min
Since the 18th century, Lake Maggiore between the Italian Switzerland and Northern Italy has attracted wealthy guests... mehr info >
Lutz Maurer
45 min
The Schafberg Mountain is a mountain with two faces. From the south, from St. Wolfgang, you can easily reach the... mehr info >
Mathias Peschta
48 min
In 1843, the Austrian botanist Theodor Kotschy climbed the 5,671m high Damavand in the Elburs Mountains. This dead... mehr info >
Pavol Barabas
63 min
In the late 20th century, Slovakian Himalaya expeditions achieved great successes. In a time of communist staging and... mehr info >
Anne et Erik Lapied
69 min
Two eagle chicks are born high up on a big cliff. This is the beginning of a story, which shows us the animal world... mehr info >
Jan Haft
44 min
Many people are aware that over the past years fewer and fewer of the colourful butterflies can be seen in our... mehr info >
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Annette Scheurich
14:15 - 44 min
It is hard to believe, but the biggest enemy of brown bears is hunger. In the springtime, when the grizzlies leave... mehr info >
Philippe Steinmayr
15:00 - 16 min
Lukasz Borowski
15:15 - 72 min
The participants of an extreme race run over 300 kilometers in 48 hours. During two days they don't sleep, don't... mehr info >
Sandra Lahnsteiner
16:30 - 16 min
Creative producer Sandra Lahnsteiner (AUT) introduces a new aspect of her female action sport protagonists, when... mehr info >
Mike Douglas
16:50 - 25 min
Since she first summited Mont Blanc as a teen, Liv Sansoz knew she would make her life in the mountains. She was... mehr info >
Matthias Mayr
17:15 - 71 min
The Antarctic is the coldest, driest, windiest and highest continent on earth. Skiing in the inner Antarctic is... mehr info >
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Jean-Michel Corillion
18:30 - 90 min
The mysterious Namoroka Tsingy is the last unexplored area of Madagascar. For the first time, world-class scientists... mehr info >
Bernhard Rübe
20:00 - 52 min
Caribbean coral coasts and islands, formed out of living and once-living creatures, are now a labyrinth of life... mehr info >
Lothar Frenz
20:55 - 43 min
You love horror films? Cruel deaths, mass murderers and tricky killers? Do wondrous escapes in the last second give... mehr info >
Petra Höfer, Freddie Röckenhaus
21:40 - 44 min
Mushrooms build their own mehr info >
Petra Höfer, Freddie Röckenhaus
22:25 - 44 min
The lavishly produced mehr info >

Saturday, 17. Nov. 2018

Oliver Goetzl
56 min
At the very northern edge of Canada lies Ellesmere Island, where the unforgiving Arctic winds tear through the... mehr info >
Erik Baláž
50 min
The Tatra Mountains loom far above the clouds mehr info >
Jimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
100 min
Free Solo: mastering the ultimate self-control! Alone and without any technical safety, Alex Honold a climbing icon... mehr info >
300 min
At the award ceremony the winners of Mountainfilm Graz mehr info >
Beat Bieri
50 min
One Sunday in July 2016 was a black Sunday for the Gisler Family. The 62-year old mountain farmer from Urn, Sepp... mehr info >
Joey Schusler
20 min
Kids and bikes; wherever you are in the world, they go together. The chaotic streets of Kathmandu may not seem like a... mehr info >
Tina Radke-Gerlach
30 min
In 2002, Ruby was 3 years old when she was adopted by a German couple in Nepal. Today, the 17-year old fun-loving... mehr info >
Alexander Preuss
25 min
Lena, from F mehr info >
Bernadette Hauke
25 min
Stefan Fritsche
18 min
Carina Brunnauer
26 min
What happens if the passion for your dreams fades away? Do you just stop dreaming? Or do you search for the missing... mehr info >
Brigitte Kornberger
29 min
Every year, the Austrian and German ski resorts push the limits of the possible further and further, staging ever... mehr info >
Frank Gensthaler
31 min
Today, hikers and cyclists often meet even on the remotest summits. A meeting that does not always end peacefully... mehr info >
Jure Breceljnik, Rožle Bregar
71 min
Merely 3000 people inhabit East Greenland mehr info >
Christian Schmidt
30 min
Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger are an unequal roped team, with great goals and a difference of age of 18 years. The... mehr info >
Jérôme Tanon
55 min
This multi-voice adventure and expedition film is an intimate travel diary. The setting is a remote glacier in the... mehr info >
Jen Randall
64 min
Based on his best-selling auto-biography mehr info >
Juliane Möcklinghoff
30 min
The Lienz Dolomites are his mehr info >
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Mirjana Momirovic & Caroline Haertel
10:30 - 51 min
Stjepan Vokic has lost his heart to a stork lady. For 24 years, the pensioned concierge has cared selflessly for the... mehr info >
Jürgen Eichinger
11:25 - 44 min
Birds of prey are fascinating animals with their unique sensory abilities, stunning aerobatics and sophisticated... mehr info >
Iris Gesang
12:10 - 44 min
The wildlife filmmaker Andreas Kieling accompanies scientists all over the world and thus gains access to specially... mehr info >
Benjamin Sadd
12:55 - 53 min
Ben and James have been on several 'adventures' together. Making films about their trips has become a part of the... mehr info >
A ticket for one of the main program blocks (Stefaniensaal, Steiermarksaal oder Kammermusiksaal) grants access to the whole Program of "Blauer Salon" and "Grüner Salon" on the day the ticket is valid for.
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Daniel Asadi Faezi
13:50 - 49 min
A remote mountain village in the north of Pakistan, on the shore of a turquoise blue lake, surrounded by rugged rock... mehr info >
Siegfried Giuliani
14:40 - 70 min
On the 8th of May 1978, Reinhold Messner from the Italian South-Tyrol and Peter Habeler from the Austrian Tyrol... mehr info >
Michael Düchs
16:10 - 27 min
He has done first ascents of the most difficult climbing routes in South America as well as in Switzerland... mehr info >
Henna Taylor
16:45 - 33 min
In the expansive landscape of Jordan mehr info >
Pete Wyllie
17:20 - 35 min
Six friends embark on a determined quest to climb, and then BASE jump 'The Lorax', a formidable climb on Frenchman's... mehr info >
Flo Gassner
17:55 - 9 min
In student life the longing for a perfect powder snow slope can become overwhelming. But what are good friends for,... mehr info >
Anne-Flore Marxer u. Aline Bock
18:05 - 26 min
The two snowboard professionals Aline Bock/GER and Anne-Flore Marxer/SUI are travelling through Iceland; to get to... mehr info >