Franz Hafner
Russlands wildes Meer - Jahre im Überfluss
51 min
Franz Hafner
Nature and Environment

Alpine Camera Austria 2018

A monumental work like this is only possible when the film-maker is profoundly and intimately familiar with the subject matter – the geography, ecology, zoology, climate etc. - the fruit of many years of direct experience. Few camera teams are able to deliver such highly professional images under the extreme conditions of one of the planet’s most remote and wildest regions. The narrative combination of drone and underwater shots is but one example of optimal use of cinematographic tools in a natural history context.

In the far east of Russia, about 6,000 km from Moscow, there is the richest, and, at the same time, the most hostile sea of the world. In winter, it is freezing cold, pack covers the sea, and the local volcanoes are always ready to erupt. Nevertheless, the Sea of Okhotsk is one of the last remaining nature paradises on earth, home to millions of wild animals and boasting cragged rock shores, offshore islands and untouched forests. Here, humans and animals are the protagonists of spectacular stories about wildlife and beauty.