Beat Bieri (Schweiz)
Der Wildheuer
50 min
Beat Bieri (Schweiz)
People & Cultures

Lobende Erwähnung 2018

This film opens with death but tells a sensitive story of life – the life of two generations of mountain farmers. It is the mountain that provides their livelihood while confronting them daily with death. The film-makers have achieved a smooth, coherent flow of archive and newly-shot footage.

One Sunday in July 2016 was a black Sunday for the Gisler Family. The 62-year old mountain farmer from Urn, Sepp Gisler, fell 300 metres to his death, from a steep slope on the Rophaien Mountain, when making hay. The father of six children was an experienced hay maker, and he was well aware of the dangers of this hard work. However, there remains always a risk, especially when working on almost vertical slopes. After the father