Sports in Mountains & Nature- 41 Beiträge

Films that focus on the athletic performance in an outdoor environment and the motivations of the protagonists.

Brian Mathé, Morgan Monchaud & Siphay Vera
53 min
In the remote Pamir mountains, in Central Asia, three friends want to show the viability of an ambitious and... mehr info >
Zachary Barr, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
18 min
Matt Segal and Will Stanhope have spent a decade climbing the world mehr info >
Alex Brugger
4 min
Mount Loser is an outstanding summit in the heart of the Austrian region of Ausseerland. A perfectly winded, nine... mehr info >
Johannes Hoffmann, Simon Platzer, Jakob Schweighofer
11 min
Alex, Max and Raphael are three freerider from Innsbruck, who prepare themselves for a bog-standard weekend in the... mehr info >
Jon Glassberg
20 min
China Doll is a provocative exploration of gender stereotypes, romance, and rock climbing and reveals differences in... mehr info >
Coldhouse Collective
9 min
Opposites attract. There isn mehr info >
Jochen Schmoll
10 min
An over 3200m vertical climb to the 4156m summit of Jungfrau: the mehr info >
Anthony Bonello
15 min
The only thing greater than this group of energetic skier's desire to claim a first ski descent on Greenland's second... mehr info >
Greg Kohs
82 min
A documentary shot in the arctic wilderness of Alaska that captures the inspiring comeback story of champion sled dog... mehr info >
Michael Bühler
50 min
The ancient ski racer Bernhard Russi belongs to the most famous Swiss athletes. Blessed with success, handsome, eloquent mehr info >
Tilman Achtnich, Claus Hanischdörfer
90 min
Many people from south-west Germany are connected by their fascination of the landscapes and adventures in the... mehr info >
Juan Reina
82 min
Four Finnish cave divers face their worst nightmare when two of their friends drown deep inside an underwater cave in... mehr info >
James Martin
7 min
Climbers David Lama and Conrad Anker have climbed the first ascent of Latent Core in Zion National Park, Utah, USA... mehr info >
Mike Douglas
14 min
Kilian Jornet is considered the greatest mountain runner ever. But he doesn't consider himself a runner. Join Kilian... mehr info >
Christian Schmidt, Joachim Hellinger
18 min
James Martin
15 min
Ultrarunners Krissy Moehl, Jeff Browning and Luke Nelson run 106 miles through the newly opened Patagonia Park in... mehr info >
Natalie Halla
70 min
Life in Four Elements is a human journey through Earth, Air, Water and Fire, following the adventures of five unique... mehr info >
Krystle Wright
4 min
The Australian photographer Krystle Wright spends her year portraying women in outdoor sports worldwide. She caught a... mehr info >
Peter Mortimer, Josh Lowell, Nick Rosen
11 min
24-year old Brette Harrington is a rising young talent in the climbing world. From overhanging free climbs to long... mehr info >
Benjamin Jordan
34 min
After losing the love of his life, a professional Paraglider pilot searches for meaning by embarking upon the most... mehr info >
Iurii Timirshin
4 min
A short film about people bouldering and fooling around. Climbing should be fun! mehr info >
Chris Prescott
33 min
Shifting Dreams is the story of Caroline Ciavaldini's move from world class competition climber to trad climber and... mehr info >
Wojciech Kozakiewicz
45 min
After 20 years of living her passion, a sport climber and mother of two kids, sets herself a new goal: to climb the... mehr info >
Eike Köhler
29 min
The northern Polar Circle is a magic border around the Arctic polar area. In winter, the sun does not rise, in summer... mehr info >
Mikel Sarasola
37 min
Four extreme kayakers from Spain face the Humla Karnali, the longest, mightiest and most voluminous river of Nepal... mehr info >
Hugo Clouzeau
53 min
Iceland. 5 friends travel to this holy land of waterfalls to try and push their limits, always with the same... mehr info >
Graham Zimmerman
7 min
Beth Rodden is one of the greatest climbers in history. 'Above the Fray mehr info >
Coldhouse Collective
5 min
Libby Peter is one of UK mehr info >
Anthill Films
11 min
For pro-mountainbiker Matt Hunter it has been a long-time dream to ride through hundreds of kilometres of wilderness... mehr info >
Uwe Krüger
33 min
Sometimes, cave explorers just go into caves, without any survey devices, without battery hammer drills, just to... mehr info >
Steve Fisher
5 min
While our outdoor pursuits are often an escape from reality, we inevitably bring our work and past experiences along... mehr info >
Marco Freudenreich, Fabian Lentsch
18 min
In January 2017, Fabian Lentsch sets off with his Snowmads Truck to Greece, to a once-in-a-hundred-years winter in... mehr info >
Nick Rosen, Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer
27 min
Meet the new faces of climbing: 14-year-old Ashima Shiraishi and 15-year-old Kai Lightner are the leaders of a new... mehr info >
The Faction Collectice, Etienne Mérel
45 min
A film about the joy we have for the mountains, and the constant search for that perfect ride. It mehr info >
Puria Ravahi
7 min
Some years ago, Maximilian Werndl began base-jumping, together with a group of 10 friends. In the meantime, only four... mehr info >
Xavier Coll
37 min
The documentary follows the path of David Fust mehr info >
Alexandra Kahn and Paul Robinson
66 min
This is a story of exploration and discovery, a journey of friendship and solitude, a quest to fuel an obsessive... mehr info >
Leo Hoorn
8 min
Is it possible to stand where no one has before as a skier? In search for the less obvious, Sam Smoothy, Jeremie... mehr info >