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Details Saturday, 18. Nov. 2017

A ticket for one of the main program blocks (Stefaniensaal, Steiermarksaal oder Kammermusiksaal) grants access to the whole Program of "Blauer Salon" and "Grüner Salon" on the day the ticket is valid for.
This year, Mountainfilm Graz also offers special "Salon-only"-tickets.
Mehr Information zu den Salonkarten
Alexandra Kahn and Paul Robinson
14:44 - 66 min
This is a story of exploration and discovery, a journey of friendship and solitude, a quest to fuel an obsessive... mehr info >
Leo Hoorn
15:50 - 8 min
Is it possible to stand where no one has before as a skier? In search for the less obvious, Sam Smoothy, Jeremie... mehr info >
Philippe Fortin
15:58 - 52 min
The Alpine Crossing: 621 kilometers travelled, 40.000 meters in altitude. An extraordinary challenge that Pascal... mehr info >
Diana Frankovic
16:50 - 11 min
When we are in a crisis, it is all natural that we doubt about our existence and the meaning of life. We suffer, and... mehr info >
Andrea Rüthlein
17:01 - 44 min
Lake Kirchsee is a moor lake born in the last Ice Age. The lake is embedded in a primeval landscape, and the... mehr info >
Zoltan Török
17:45 - 50 min
They are small, they are angry and every four years or so they appear in masses seemingly from nowhere. Meet the... mehr info >
Erik Balá
18:35 - 51 min
The chamois are living since more than 10.000 years amongst other inhabitants of the arctic nature in the Tatra... mehr info >
Tobias Schults
19:24 - 45 min
Life is an eternal struggle. At least in the animal world one gains this impression. Eating and being eaten, mating... mehr info >
Tashi Wanggyai
20:10 - 43 min
This film relates the personal story of the boy Soldor from Tibet. Growing up in a time of rapid social changes, he... mehr info >