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Wednesday, 15. Nov. 2017

Greg Kohs
82 min
A documentary shot in the arctic wilderness of Alaska that captures the inspiring comeback story of champion sled dog... mehr info >
Véronique, Anne et Erik Lapied
70 min
Colin is nine years old. Whenever he visits his grandparents in the national park Gran Paradiso, the two nature... mehr info >
Frank Feustle
27 min
Maiya and Maua are best friends, they live far away from any civilisation in the untouched savannah of east Africa... mehr info >
Jens Monath
56 min
Contrary to many myths and legends, children have great problems to integrate themselves into society, if they have... mehr info >
Michael Bühler
50 min
The ancient ski racer Bernhard Russi belongs to the most famous Swiss athletes. Blessed with success, handsome, eloquent mehr info >
Pieter Van Eecke
70 min
In Bolivia, the glaciers are melting. Samuel, an old ski lift operator, is looking out of a window on the rooftop of... mehr info >
Damiano Levati
29 min
Probably no one has explored solo climbing like Hansj mehr info >
David Calek
104 min
The film tells a story of rugged determination and of overcoming human limits. Radek Jaro mehr info >
Jake Norton, Pete McBride
60 min
Once celebrated for its purity, the Ganges River of India now carries contaminates from its glacial headwaters, where... mehr info >
Klaus Uhrig, Till Krause
51 min
Some discoveries sound too fantastic to be true. Plants exist, which are able to extract heavy metals from the soil,... mehr info >
Robert Steiner
26 min
Among the numerous summits of the Indian Kashmir there is one, which can be considered as the Asian Matterhorn, the... mehr info >
Malte Roeper
47 min
The Tyrolean mountain photographer Heinz Zak is one of the most important chronicler in the history of free climbing... mehr info >
James Martin
7 min
Climbers David Lama and Conrad Anker have climbed the first ascent of Latent Core in Zion National Park, Utah, USA... mehr info >
Mike Douglas
14 min
Kilian Jornet is considered the greatest mountain runner ever. But he doesn't consider himself a runner. Join Kilian... mehr info >
Christian Schmidt, Joachim Hellinger
18 min
Susanne Lummer
50 min
They navigate without maps, build fortifications made of their own bodies, hunt with water pistols and form super... mehr info >
Katrin Denk
26 min
He is considered to be the most important German organizer of eight-thousand meter peak expeditions after the Second... mehr info >
Tilman Achtnich, Claus Hanischdörfer
90 min
Many people from south-west Germany are connected by their fascination of the landscapes and adventures in the... mehr info >
Juan Reina
82 min
Four Finnish cave divers face their worst nightmare when two of their friends drown deep inside an underwater cave in... mehr info >
Colin Arisman
35 min
Hidden in the interior of the Pacific Northwest lies the largest remaining inland temperate rainforest on earth. This... mehr info >
Jean-Michel Bertrand
92 min
This film is a personal quest - the story of a crazy gamble taken by a passionate dreamer mehr info >
Suzan Muir, Jon Muir & Ian Darling
88 min
The film is an environmental love story about sustainability and the cycle of life. Eight years of producing, this... mehr info >
Iva Božić
7 min
Two mountain climbers, Ola and Bole, set out on the adventure of their lives mehr info >
Jona Salcher
14 min
The summit cross mehr info >
Hanno Mackowitz
12 min
Léonard Kohli
15 min
"E.B.C. 5300m" is a film about the Everest Base Camp. The camp, set on a glacier, is assembled and dismantled every... mehr info >
Davide Calafa
3 min
A 6 days hike with a couple of friends into the wild, carrying everything necessary to explore a part of the... mehr info >
Sébastien Devrient
20 min
Loose gestures, an intense gaze, focused. Towering paintings, placed where the inspiration nests, in the pastures of... mehr info >