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Tuesday, 14. Nov. 2017

Coldhouse Collective
9 min
Opposites attract. There isn mehr info >
Jon Glassberg
20 min
China Doll is a provocative exploration of gender stereotypes, romance, and rock climbing and reveals differences in... mehr info >
Brian Mathé, Morgan Monchaud & Siphay Vera
53 min
In the remote Pamir mountains, in Central Asia, three friends want to show the viability of an ambitious and... mehr info >
Michael Friedrich
44 min
Four Austrians, four Afghans. No one knows each other, but there is a deal. The four Austrians will teach the Afghans... mehr info >
Dave O'Leske
95 min
Hailed as one of the most influential outdoorsmen of all time, Fred Beckey is the original mehr info >
Johannes Hoffmann, Simon Platzer, Jakob Schweighofer
11 min
Alex, Max and Raphael are three freerider from Innsbruck, who prepare themselves for a bog-standard weekend in the... mehr info >
Markus Thöß
43 min
Mario Bornschein, owner of a mountain sport shop in Berlin, wants to bring normal people of the big city to one of... mehr info >
Constantine Papanicolaou
56 min
When people think of Greece, few realize that the country has high mountains and a winter season with skiing and... mehr info >
Gigi Giustiniani
64 min
In the summer of 1932, Gabriele Boccalatte and Nin mehr info >
Andrea Leichtfried, Simon Spädtke
52 min
Only in the year 1950, when Nepal mehr info >
Pavol Barabas
58 min
This documentary shows the oldest generation of the porters in the High Tatras, who climb packed with supplies to the... mehr info >
Jonathan Griffith
31 min
The 7000m peak Link Sar in Pakistan was an obsession for UK alpinist and photographer Jonathan Griffith. He made... mehr info >
Matthias Mayr
47 min
The Austrian professional freerider and adventurer Matthias mehr info >
Hans-Peter Stauber
47 min
For a long time, the Austrian climber David Lama wished to turn to Nepal. The family visit of his ancestors was only... mehr info >
Waltraud Paschinger
52 min
A calm brook meanders through an untouched, smooth mountain landscape: the Lonka is the heart of the Biosphere... mehr info >
Kurt Mayer
51 min
The plumed inhabitants of the Topkapi Palace use the stormy winds to build their nests. Dolphins chase between the... mehr info >
Jochen Schmoll
10 min
An over 3200m vertical climb to the 4156m summit of Jungfrau: the mehr info >
Frédéric Favre
106 min
This is one of the hardest competitions of ski alpinism. For one and a half years, Fr mehr info >
Anthony Bonello
15 min
The only thing greater than this group of energetic skier's desire to claim a first ski descent on Greenland's second... mehr info >
Michael Schlamberger
90 min
Off the African continent, powerful volcanic activities created the seven Canary Islands, which host a particularly... mehr info >
Alex Brugger
4 min
Mount Loser is an outstanding summit in the heart of the Austrian region of Ausseerland. A perfectly winded, nine... mehr info >
Zachary Barr, Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
18 min
Matt Segal and Will Stanhope have spent a decade climbing the world mehr info >
Matthew Newton
12 min
This short film is about rock-climbing legend Paul Pritchard, and his attempt to finally conquer the Totem Pole in... mehr info >
Jon Glassberg
15 min
Athletes Jorg Verhoeven, Katha Saurwein, and Jon Glassberg live the bouldering dream in Rocklands, South Africa. Join... mehr info >
Manfred Corinne
45 min
Once upon a time, there lived more than 19.000 wapitis in the Yellowstone national park, today hardly 4000. For... mehr info >
Mike Birkhead
50 min
Jagged rock formations, colourful stones and in between wide grass planes mehr info >
Hans Haldimann
93 min
A group of people of different ages try to abandon the constraints of modern civilisation and to live in harmony with... mehr info >