Wolfgang Nairz
Nepal - Zwei Jahre nach dem Erdbeben - Rückblick, Vorschau und Visionen
20 min
Wolfgang Nairz
Special Programme
The Tyrolean Wolfgang Nairz – one of the young “wild” in the 1970ies - lived a lot of adventures in the high mountains on his numerous journeys to the Himalayas. In the following years, he became one of the most distinguished expedition leaders in the German speaking world. For example, he was the person, who led the expedition in 1978, where Austrians had reached the summit of Mount Everest for the very first time, and where also Messner and Habeler were able to make their ascent without oxygen bottles. No wonder that he is deeply tied to Nepal, where he has won many friends. When the horrible earthquake of 2015 destroyed houses and infrastructure in Nepal, immediately he was there to organize help the reconstruction. In his lecture he will recount, how people have dealt with this catastrophe, and how he managed to help in a meaningful and sustainable way.