Benoît Aymon (Schweiz)
Hilfe aus der Luft am Everest - Die Bergretter vom Matterhorn
52 min
Benoît Aymon (Schweiz)
Alpinism & Expeditions
Bruno Jelk and Gerold Biner are well known in the world of mountain rescue. They wanted to transfer their know-how to Nepal to help mountaineers in the high alpine areas. On paper, it's very simple. In practice, it was a painful task. It took two improvised rescue attempts from the Air Zermatt team to come to the obvious: the Nepalese must imperatively be autonomous to carry out their own rescues in high mountains. Following a dramatic accident - a pilot and a Nepali flight assistant left their lives in a rescue at over 6,000 meters – they were about to give up. A transfer of knowledge and a generous idea that will take a decade to become a reality.