Jonathan Griffith (Frankreich)
Link Sar West
31 min
Jonathan Griffith (Frankreich)
Alpinism & Expeditions

Lobende Erwähnung 2017

An adventure in extreme exposed conditions and extreme weather. The protagonists fail to reach their actual goal, despite longstanding efforts. Their faces and the pictures do not reflect heroism and pathos, but fear and apprehension whether they will survive this adventure. In the end, a compromise has to be accepted, which means, that they have to content themselves with a smaller goal. Nevertheless, they come out from this adventure not disappointed but stronger. In claustrophobic pictures, the mountain mutates from an “Alpine problem” into a master.

The 7000m peak Link Sar in Pakistan was an obsession for UK alpinist and photographer Jonathan Griffith. He made three attempts on the peak before reaching the West summit in 2015 on his fourth try with British alpine phenomenon Andy Houseman. Facing near, disastrous circumstances the two exceptional talents present their summit story with riveting cuts and breathtaking cinematography.