Katrin Denk (Deutschland)
Karl Maria Herrligkoffer - Visionär und Wegbereiter der Gipfelstürmer
26 min
Katrin Denk (Deutschland)
Alpinism & Expeditions
He is considered to be the most important German organizer of eight-thousand meter peak expeditions after the Second World War - Karl Maria Herrligkoffer (1916-1991). The Munich doctor and psychologist helped numerous mountaineers, such as Hermann Buhl, Anderl Mannhardt, Toni Kinshofer, Reinhold Messner, Michl Dacher, Sigi Hupfauer, Hans Engl and many more, to realize their dreams of climbing eight-thousand metre summits. However, after the successful achievements on the mountains, several conflicts between the expedition leader and single participants broke out. Above all, the bitter disputes with Reinhold Messner, after the Nanga Parbat expedition in 1970, where G