Manfred Corinne (Deutschland)
Das Yellowstone Rätsel
45 min
Manfred Corinne (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment
Once upon a time, there lived more than 19.000 wapitis in the Yellowstone national park, today hardly 4000. For years, the disappearance of the animals has been an unsolved enigma. First, one suspected the wolves, which were resettled out here 20 years ago. Some people demanded to hunt the wolves again and to extinguish them.
However, the wolf expert Arthur Middleton wanted to find out the truth. For more than three years, he studied the interactions between wapiti and wolves. Of course, the wolves were feeding wapiti, but not at an extension that would have minimized the herd so dramatically. Arthur has another suspicion. He thinks that the grizzly bears are guilty and he starts an investigative search.