Puria Ravahi (Deutschland)
Last Exit
7 min
Puria Ravahi (Deutschland)
Sports in Mountains & Nature

Lobende Erwähnung 2017

7 Minutes and a few shots suffice for the director to tell a great drama. Everybody knows: the next base jump may be the last. In the faces of the mother and the girlfriend, and in the minds of the viewers, the fatal end seems imminent – because it is the last jump However, the base jumper survives.

Some years ago, Maximilian Werndl began base-jumping, together with a group of 10 friends. In the meantime, only four of them are still alive. Maximilian is one of them. All the others were killed by this sport. This short film confronts the perspectives of Maximilian, his mother and his girlfriend. On one side, sorrows and fears, on the other attraction. Maximilian has looked into himself intensively, and he wanted to find out, why he is doing this sport.