Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Biene Majas wilde Schwestern
44 min
Jan Haft (Deutschland)
Nature and Environment

Kamera Alpin in Gold 2017

According to a recently published study, 75% of the Central-European insect species have vanished over the last decades. However, the anxiety about this scaring result soon calmed down. What one doesn’t know one doesn’t protect – this sentence resulting from the experiences of biologists is true also in this context. ? For instant, who knows that besides honeybees, in Central Europe there also exist 560 species of wild bees, whose lifestyle is very different from their domesticated relatives and whose ecological value is hardly known. This documentary gives them a stage, it brings them into focus with all the means of modern nature films, providing surprising insights into a world which we thought we perfectly knew. We watch a poppy bee constructing a “nursery of red velvet” for her offspring, made of fingernail-sized corn poppy blooms. We admire a bee, whose tower-like earth buildings look like mini-models of termite hills, or the two-coloured mason-bee who deposit the pollen in empty snail shells as supplies for the larva. ?When we were little, we already learnt to love Maya the Bee. Now we are touched by the destiny of her wild relatives. Therefore, the prize goes to „Biene Maja und ihre Schwestern“.

This film shows the almost unbelievable diversity of local wild bees and their astonishing ability to adapt themselves to the most different living spaces and conditions. Thrilling fights, outstanding achievements, fantastic constructions and colourful individuals