Greg Kohs (USA)
The Great Alone
82 min
Greg Kohs (USA)
Sports in Mountains & Nature

Lobende Erwähnung 2017

This film shows the protagonist’s superhuman fight for victory and acknowledgement. However, it is not a question of winning one of the hardest dog-sled races in the world, but the lonely fight of a son, who suffers extreme hardship to win the refused love and acknowledgement of his father. The dogs of his sled are the only living beings to whom the lonesome athlete feels attracted. On their long leashes, they pull him not only to his victory, but also out of his loneliness. The dog-sled race is the “battlefield” on which the son confronts his father and enforces the restoration of the “order of love”.

A documentary shot in the arctic wilderness of Alaska that captures the inspiring comeback story of champion sled dog racer, Lance Mackey. From his sunniest days as a boy by his famous father